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Company Overview

Milliefiori is a Birmingham-based company specializing in textile and mixed media fashion accessories, jewellery, and interior decorations. They combine traditional fabrics with uncommon materials, and handcrafting techniques with modern technology. Along with their usual range, they create bespoke commissions for individuals and galleries. Raw materials are sourced ethically from within the UK.


Milliefiori’s approach is the antithesis of mass production and fast fashion. Their products are for individuals, who seek out high quality, unique designs, made from environmentally friendly materials, using traditional methods.

About Us

Award-winning textile artist Vivien Hew, and jeweller, Terry Wilson, design and fabricate knitted, hand-woven, embroidered, and screen printed fabric and metal products in their Edgbaston Studio. Their innovative collaborations give rise to distinctive, original and out of the ordinary items.